Remote CCTV monitoring services give you peace of mind. Also, with SECURE RECRUIT LTD monitoring your CCTV systems you can feel reassured that you have a 24/7 security arrangement set up that is overseen by highly skilled security personnel.

Remotely monitored CCTV stops gatecrashers’ efforts are constantly made to limit both hazard and damage. With unmonitored CCTV, the film must be reviewed reflectively: after the damage has been finished.

There are up to 5.9 million CCTV cameras in the UK – make yours one of the effective ones with remote monitoring from SECURE RECRUIT LTD.

What are the perks of CCTV Monitoring Services from SECURE RECRUIT LTD?

Getting the best services from us will offer you a lot of benefits. Have a look at some of the benefits.

Efficient CCTV monitoring services

You’ll never be stressed over your business – regardless of whether you are snoozing, endlessly, on the move constantly or on vacation, you can rest assured that your business is secured and is always being monitored.

Fully trained SIA qualified CCTV operative

There is a great benefit in having an SIA qualified business security surveillance service watching out for your business. Just as being highly skilled in working the security monitoring system, they will realize what to pay special mind to. They will be skilled in recognizing issues, for example, flooding, fire and wrongdoing.


At SECURE RECRUIT LTD, We have 24-hour CCTV monitoring administrators ready to be deployed at short notice at affordable rates.

Management of security issues

Another incredible preferred position to having this business security surveillance service is that CCTV security monitoring services will have direct connections to the manned guards and emergency services. In this way, if there is an issue, for example, a fire or flood, the CCTV administrator will discover the issue quickly and have the option to inform the manned guards, management and the emergency services. All our team is trained to investigate every situation cautiously and professionally, so emergency services are possibly called if necessary.

Complete Protection

Remote 24-hour CCTV monitoring portable surveillance additionally gives the additional advantage of verifying all regions in your business. In many structures, there are regions that are not regularly visited, and this places them specifically in danger of experiencing breaks and fires going undetected. The CCTV security surveillance service offers the capacity to prevent issues, for example, flooding, fire and wrongdoing before they become a genuine issue or in most cases before, they happen. SECURE RECRUIT LTD can offer you Key Holding, Door Supervision, CCTV and Security Guards. We also offer Security Dog Handling and much more. By picking us for your remote CCTV monitoring services, you will soon realize you are procuring the best security personnel in the business. You can tweak your security needs effortlessly as we will make a bespoke security service according to your requirements.

All that we do is completely transparent. You can contact us on our 24-hour emergency number whenever to perceive what’s happening at your premises.

By uniting the records with the reports we issue you can begin to see the hidden designs in security occurrences.

We go past the business standards here at SECURE RECRUIT LTD and consistent progress in the direction of accomplishing and maintaining accreditation about the standards we set.

Working with our accomplices’ team of CCTV planners and installers and monitoring supplier, using demonstrated, dependable electronic systems and transmission innovations, guarantees all client relationships are provided with the right security arrangement giving genuine advantage and value to their business.

Contact us today to discover how we could furnish your site with the highest quality remote CCTV security monitoring.