Cleaning Services

Secure Recruit Ltd is a highly recommended property Management Company that offers different cleaning services that range between domestic and commercial. We offer cleaning services to business and residential properties in and outside London. We offer our clients emergency cleaning services on call. Our company provides disinfection and sanitisation services. Secure Recruit’s staff is well trained and certified with professional equipment that allows them to provide disinfection and sanitisation in residential and commercial areas. At Secure Recruit, we use non-harmful and non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for pets, plants, and humans; thus, they are safe for cleaning work in food preparation areas.

We also offer Covid-19 control through our deep cleaning services through the bio fogging method. Secure Recruit uses certified non-toxic antiviral detergent agents to disinfect surfaces in the management of Covid-19. Thus, our detergents comply with the European chemical sanitisers' standards. The detergents effectively clean office areas for commercial business, such as desktop surfaces and all the working surfaces in offices. We ensure that our cleaning process effectively kills germs in toilets and other residential areas of your home or business sparkling clean. Also, Secure Recruit’s cleaning services are environmentally friendly since we consider using Eco-friendly cleaning detergent to achieve our objective of zero pollution and environmental sustainability. However, we believe in our clients' choices in cleaning products and recommend eco-friendly products if they need help.

No matter how big your business is, we have designed our services to fit your needs. Secure Recruit staff can clean small and large working areas, offering exceptional and customised cleaning services that meet our client's needs. Our staff is experienced in cleaning offices, shops, colleges, music halls, supermarkets, gyms, warehouses, factories, nightclubs, shopping centres, and other palaces. Our services also focus on clients that need daily office cleaning. At Secure Recruit, we are happy to perform such repetitive tasks for our clients, allowing them to focus on other essential things. Our staff is flexible and can offer overnight cleaning services for offices, which is beneficial for staff in the offices since their daytime activities are not disrupted by cleaning activities. We also provide janitorial and washroom cleaning, allowing businesses and customers to experience a new environment that fosters productivity.

In organisations, our services range from vacuuming carpets, washing tiled or hardwood floors, dusting all the surfaces that are accessible, cleaning kitchen surfaces in residential areas, and sanitising bathrooms and toilets while restocking the supplies in the facilities for usability. Other services include emptying bins following the local authority waste disposal directives, cleaning windows in a professional approach, and cleaning office equipment using the recommended detergents for each type of equipment. Our staff is keen to prevent equipment breakages while cleaning our client's premises. We also help our clients with other services such as the end of tenancy cleaning, stain removal, and construction cleaning. Our staff upholds a high level of professionalism by exhibiting proficient communication and leadership skills, which are significant while working that requires civilisation. We have invested in acquiring equipment that enables us to offer clients the cleaning services they need. Collaborating with our company for your commercial or residential cleaning services will ensure that your needs are fulfilled and desired cleanliness standards are achieved.

What We Offer

Professional cleaning & Best people

By hiring us, you get healthy air indoors. All of us want and need some healthy fresh air in our homes, but unfortunately, because of the presence of dirt, there can sometimes be a lack of fresh air. We clean so that you can relax and enjoy your time with your family and friends. We will provide you a professional cleaning service at fair affordable rates. By choosing us, you will be making the wright choice because we have the wright cleaners and the proper tools and equipment to clean your home. 

We provide a deeper cleaning facility to your home and office. We use liquids that are environmentally friendly and safe for babies. We will help you provide a pleasant and comfortable area where you can relax your body and mind by enjoying time with your loved ones. We provide you better cleaning solutions by using the best cleaning equipment. 

Cost-effective cleaning solutions

We provide a cost-effective solution for our customers and set a budget that is affordable. You can check out our pricing structure and compare it with anyone; then, you will clearly understand why people love us. We provide a service of the best quality with the best facilities. 

We will better provide your commercial cleaning services. We care about your time and money, and that's why we plan the strategies according to your needs. We also provide daily clean service as an alternate cleaning service or even weekend cleaning services. The price varies on the type of service, and it is effective for everyone.

Get 24/7 365 day a year service with Secure Recruit Ltd - Cleaning

With us, you can get a 24/7 service. We are always there for you whenever you need us. We will provide you a cleaner which is well trained and qualified. We hire trainers who are experienced and professional. We are always ready to work in any condition. Our expert cleaners will visit your home when it’s convenient for you cleaning each and every corner of your home. 

Secure Recruit cleaners will complete their work without any damage or loss. We will also provide you a 100% quality guarantee. We complete our work on time and give you handover on completion. You can also provide us some feedback about our cleaners to help us keep improving our cleaning services. You can call anytime to request our service. 

We have professional customer care who will handle your call and solve your issues instantly. You can email us, or you can join us on any social platform. We will provide you with an instant replay in relation to your cleaning requirements. If you have any issues with our work, you can call, text or email us to get an instant solution.

Get a customized cleaning solution

If you are looking to hire a cleaner, Secure Recruit is your one and only choice because we provide a customized cleaning solution to fit your business requirements. We will provide a non-stressful cleaning environment where you can continue with your day peacefully. A cleaning service does not help you to relax physically, but a clean atmosphere will help you feel at ease and tranquil psychologically. We will sanitize or disinfect each corner of your office and home to achieve 100% satisfaction. 

Our motto is simple cleaning well equals stress free happy customers. We want to provide you a cleaning solution whereby you do not have to worry about anything. For these reasons, people love to hire us and refer their friends and colleagues also. Secure Recruit Ltd - Cleaning solutions you can trust.