You may be faced with numerous concerns about the security of your business. Fortunately, when you work with SECURE RECRUIT LTD, your security management will never again be an issue with our corporate security services. We will ensure that the office buildings go through zero break-ins, that the retail outlets are theft-free as well as that the workers are protected.

Corporate security services from SECURE RECRUIT LTD give you the confirmation that whatever the size of your organization, it will stay secure. We conform to British principles for security guarding. Our corporate security services go one level past office security services, being a physical presence all around your business’ premises. Our corporate security services are accessible for any business that requires a steady monitoring of their companies’ premises, permitting you peace of mind that your assets are protected. It is only one basic method for keeping your business secure.

What Does an Office Security Guard Do?

SECURE RECRUIT LTD can supply corporate security specialists to any business of any size. Regardless of whether you essentially need the physical nearness in your business, or more, their skill range is expansive and flexible to suit your needs. Our guards can aid in answering phones, marking in visitors, monitoring CCTV and maintaining control of access to your premises.

With an immense measure of experience across both the private and public sectors, our office security officers pursue our specialist set of standards to guarantee they see the safety of workers and any visitors with extreme significance. Our manned guarding experience and professional office security experience permits you peace of mind that your premises and assets will be ensured by vetted and completely trained officers, equipped for:

  • Security Patrol Duties
  • Reception Security
  • Car park security
  • Factories/ Warehouses
  • Private and Public house
  • Building and Construction sites

Should you are needing corporate security services, get in touch with us for a quote and evaluation of your security requirements.

Benefits of Corporate Security Companies

Asset Protection

Corporate security acts as a visible deterrent to criminal and antisocial conduct in and around your business protecting your assets. This enables personnel to have a sense of safety and improves organization image.

Front of House Experience

Uniformed security allows for professional image and positive experience for visitors to your premises. Often acting as a first point of contact security will be assisting with dealing with different duties including security checks, access control, package delivery and guest welcoming.


Security personnel can likewise complete OSH services inside the premises and oversee center duties from fire safety to workplace safety.

Our Corporate Security Services

CCTV Monitoring

Our trained CCTV administrators can help give full visual coverage of your corporate offices considering fast response to any issues that may arise.

Concierge/ Attendant Security

Our concierge & attendant security teams give an adjusted front of house experience that improves organization image being customer service focused while monitoring security where it is required most.

Real Time Patrol Monitoring

Our real time patrol monitoring programming enables us to track patrol routes and rapidly respond to any issues that arise.

Security Guards

Our security guards are trained SIA licensed professionals who will give a professional service designed to enable your organization to deal with its security needs.

Single or Multi-Premise

Our teams can secure single or multiple corporate locations in London and wider areas in the UK.

SECURE RECRUIT LTD likewise has a large group of extra corporate security services that may benefit you. Our remote CCTV monitoring, alert response and key holding services are only some of what we can offer to make your business progressively secure.

SECURE RECRUIT LTD will play out an in-depth office security analysis of your property and your business paying unique attention to in danger territories to exclusively tailor our corporate security services to give you maximum levels of protection at competitive costs.