Companies often have concerns about individuals who have access to their areas. For this reason, Secure Recruit offers Door supervision services that allow our client to secure their premises by monitoring entry and exit of premises. Our door supervision services focus on providing safety for staff and consumers in places such as hotels, restaurants and bars, or even public events, among other areas. Our SIA licensed and trained staff ensures that the exits and entrances of our client's premises are secured since they have high proficiency in following instructions, which facilitate the instructions of management. Our employees have substantial training such as scanning of weapons and other illegal substances, allowing them to ensure that individuals who have access to clients' premises meet safety criteria. Secure Recruit offers you an individual who is flexible at your doorstep and can respond to your customers according to the values and preferences of your company. Their professionalism also enables them to deliver other services such as checking a visitor list or collecting a ticket from individuals entering a venue, dealing with conflict in and outside the premises, dealing with emergencies such as fire, and recording the entry and exit of individuals on-premises. ​

Secure Recruit staff have been trained to exhibit excellent communication skills, courteous manner, quick thinking and decisiveness, teamwork, and observation skills. The knowledge and skills enable them to deliver quality services to our clients, facilitating the smooth running of business activities within premises. At Secure Recruit, we believe in providing our clients with reliable and ethical door supervision services that enable them to focus on business growth. Our door supervision team is flexible and can adapt to different organisational settings. As such, offering Secure Recruit a chance to work with you assures your safety since it has a reputation for providing top-notch security services in and outside London.

Door Supervisors Services

SECURE RECRUIT LTD is an SIA consistent security agency that conforms to the British Standard for Door Supervision.


Quality Door Supervision for Public Houses fixates on making a decent first impression, relationship working with your clients and upholding of your premises license. We will work with you to guarantee that your venue is protected and secure and your clients have the most ideal experience.


We comprehend that an unrecorded music occasion is an extraordinary experience for a significant number of your clients. Our Door Supervisors are there to help ensure that it lives up to their desires. Notwithstanding our standard client administration center we accentuation effective line management and stringent security strategies to guarantee that your clients have an incredible night that isn’t spoiled by deferrals, or preventative negative experiences.

Why Choose Us as Your door supervisor agency London?

There are numerous motivations to pick SECURE RECRUIT LTD for your door security prerequisites. Our Door Supervisors are fully trained, hold a SIA door supervisor license and secured by our Public, Employers and Products Liability insurance. Just as this, most individuals from our door staff hold capabilities, for example, fire training & first aid. They can apply direct ID checks in a respectful way and perform search schedules whenever required. By picking SECURE RECRUIT LTD for the manned door supervision service, you realize you are enlisting the best work force in private security business. You can modify your security needs effortlessly as we will make a bespoke security service for your necessities

What Are The Benefits of Having a Door Supervisor?

Having high quality services with affordable costs – we can craft a customized door security package to fit any spending limit without trading off your wellbeing Getting discounted and promotional costs relying upon the agreement length, size and type smart dress code, great appearance and all around integrated door security Well prepared door supervisor staff: Vests, Radios, Torches, Stamps, Clickers, and so forth Perfect communication abilities with critical thinking management understanding without utilizing physical power – just individuals with English proficiency are hired by you. Great report composing and monitoring capacities Fantastic comprehension of a significance of the team work 0% of absenteeism, we ensure that no security will be late or missing at work. A propelled shift notification methodology are set up and it offers us a chance to reject absenteeism from our everyday operations The organization management support until everything is up to your satisfaction Very experienced Head of Security who will make venue managements’ activity heavenly simple Constant execution review and led feedback on month to month premise by our operations manager Free chance assessment by a qualified assessor Fully comprehensive spread for workers including inefficacy insurance SECURE RECRUIT LTD offer the absolute best Door Supervisors, enabling you to concentrate on your business, venue or occasion realizing it is in secure hands and without the stress of the unforeseen. Our flexible service is structured around your needs, desires and spending plan. So why not call SECURE RECRUIT LTD today, you couldn’t be in safer hands.