Secure Recruit Ltd provides security officers with skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that your event is safe and secure. We service different kinds of events from private, small, and large functions in the UK. We also provide security services for most-high profile events. At Secure Recruit, we offer static temporary security, and emergency response, for the planned event in the UK. Our professionalism has enabled us to respond immediately to security concerns at events. Our ability is reliable and can respond to and manage a large crowd of people, making it a company of choice for events. Secure Recruit Ltd ensures that consumers can focus on the main event while we watch their back leading to productivity and events success. Our services for events include Events' safety, health, and risks analysis, venue security and crowd management, Fire safety planning, event ticketing, cash protection, VIP security and Close protection, At Secure Recruit, we ensure that our clients confidently host their events and feel secure through our services.

Secure Recruit Ltd uses its available security guarding services to secure events. We have trained individuals who can protect events by keeping intruders at bay and scanning for threats within the event's premises. Our company employs cutting-edge modern technology to deliver our clients customised and integrated security services. Our transport resources make the transportation of our staff to the event venue easy, facilitating time response to any security concerns during events. We keep people safe, which allows the development of our communities. Secure Recruit promotes activities such as the arrangement of barriers, temporary fencing installation for easy crowd management, and fire assembly points. Our licensed and trained staff facilitates the offering of car parking and stewarding services for our clients during events. Secure Recruit team collaborates with event organisers, local authorities, and other stakeholders in event planning and management to ensure that events are safe from vandalism, theft, and any health emergencies that may arise during events. We facilitate security services for weddings, corporate concerts, sporting events, and festivals. We ensure that our clients experience unforgettable experiences as planned without encountering hitches during events due to threats of any form.

In the UK, Secure Recruit Ltd is among the leading companies in keeping events safe. We value our clients' money and strive to ensure that we deliver our expertise to enable our clients to feel the value of our services. Secure Recruit understands the sensitivity of event management; thus, we employ best practices in our service to ensure the organisers' reputation is unharmed. The provision of emergency contingency and security plans is just a drop in an ocean of what our staff can achieve during the arrangement of events. Our team strives to be the first to attend to individuals who need first aid services. Making Secure Recruit your security partner, mitigate your worries concerning issues like evacuation procedures and customisation of security systems to fit your event since our staff is trained to handle the tiresome work. At the same time, you relax and enjoy the ride. Thus, giving Secure Recruit a chance to provide security in events ensures every individual attending goes home happy and satisfied.

Events Security Services

Event security guards London go a lot more remote than being essentially a physical nearness; it’s about an assortment of variables that should be deliberately considered as a major aspect of paying attention to your guests and visitors’ safety. With SECURE RECRUIT LTD, you are getting a security agency like no other. We have procedures and methodology set up for all our security to guarantee that we are conveying a service that event security companies should.

Event Security London Personnel

Event security consistently requires chance assessments to distinguish a whole range of security issues as well as the possibilities that could potentially occur. With the SECURE RECRUIT LTD chance assessment; you can depend on our wealth of events security knowledge as well as experience, and our fully trained SIA licensed security professionals.

Security patrolling is maybe the most fundamental of all security services for events, as they remain a steady nearness at unsurpassed. High visibility coats are the clearest sign of these security guards, and are an indication of their position inside an event. Simultaneously, security patrollers should likewise be benevolent, consoling figures at an event, assisting participants through just pointing individuals in the correct direction, to realizing how to perform first aid on account of an emergency.

Regardless of whether you need security for a calm open affair or VIP security services for high profile events, we are prepared for your call.

Diffusing Anti Social Behavior

The event security guards at SECURE RECRUIT LTD are trained to manage an assortment of adverse working circumstances.

Officers faced by sexist, racist or other unacceptable and unreasonable conduct by anybody will take the following measures to resolve the situation:

They will challenge the unreasonable and unacceptable conduct in quiet, firm and polite however assertive way without provoking the individual.

They will not go into an argument regarding why the comments or conduct are considered to be offensive. They will not retaliate either physically or verbally. In case the situation seems, by all accounts, to be failing and real or threatened violent behavior has took place, the officer will contact police and notify event management right away.

Kinds of Event Security Services

As a company we provide Event Security services including: Risk assessments, Method of explanations for the security, stewarding personnel, traffic management or marshal and we can likewise go to the SAG meetings with the local authorities to confirm the event plan whenever required.

Security, Stewarding, Front of House Services for:

Sporting Events
Royal and Ceremonial Events
Product Launches
Public Demonstrations/Crowd Control
Large Outdoor Events and Shows

Meeting your budgets

At SECURE RECRUIT LTD, we offer fair and sensible event security services quotations. We will require full details regarding the event prerequisite, location and purpose behind taking the services and will accumulate a rational and comprehensive quote in return which is constantly open to your response.

Quality Promise

Should your event security necessity become a standard event, we can look again at pricing and deploy a similar customary security officer or team for your event to guarantee your company gets a similar degree of service each time.

If you are needing event security services, contact the team at SECURE RECRUIT LTD today to book a hazard assessment and get a quote from our specialists.

We like to receive feedback from our clients on how our security have performed. Please get in touch with our events security team London on 0203960006 or email us on