Key Holding and Response

As the name suggests, key holding entails a security service that allows a security firm to hold the keys of a client's premises in a secure location, enabling them to respond in case of a security breach. By providing the company with a holding and response service at Secure Recruit, you assign the responsibility of responding to security threats at your premises to a trained, licensed, and reliable security team. Provision of Key holding services to our clients allows us to take the responsibility of first-response for business and private properties in case of security threats. All our clients need to do is to enable us to access their premises by giving us a copy of keys or codes, which are safely stored at our operation centre and only used in an emergency. Key holding and response enable us to act on your behalf anytime in emergencies

Entrusting your property to Secure Recruit has a vast benefits. For instance, It is safe since we have other infrastructure supporting the service, such as a stand-by security guard team, a dog unit, and sophisticated alarm analysing software, enabling us to rate genuine warnings correctly and respond accordingly. We also guarantee our clients' on-time response since our staff in the control room is always on the lookout for security threats and will direct a response team of trained and licensed guards on your behalf. At Secure Recruit, we provide Key holding and response services in London and other geographical locations in the UK. Our well-structured units allow us to be your eyes while focusing on other things. We handle all our clients' security concerns with a secure, effective, and professional approach.

Sectors We Cover

Construction Site

Through versatile patrols and manned security offices, we can prevent resource loss and trespassing at construction destinations, improving security and safety on construction premises.


Our remote monitoring and response security services for modern parks, warehouses and buildings enable us to give practical protection to mechanical assets that enormously reduce the risks of wrongdoing and trespass.

Private Premises

From void properties and pads to private homes and homesteads we offer security guards, security guard patrols and dog handlers. Our security solutions are accessible all day, every day 365 days a year giving you absolute peace of mind.


Our retail security services are the best you can get out there. Uniformed retail security guards and loss prevention officers can be deployed as short notice to attend to an alarm keeping your assets and property secure. Our retail security guards are the perfect deterrent to crime giving a professional front of store experience to your clients.

Empty Property Security

Designed to prevent vandalism and squatters our empty property security guard services offers manned monitoring of your empty property.

  • We offer fast response for gatecrasher or fire alarm activations, floods and power issues
  • Our short-term property protection services guard properties during times of opportunity due to maintenance occasions or remodel
  • Our SIA trained security personnel guarantee high levels of empty property security
  • We spend significant time in delivering security nearness, regardless of whether it’s a standard versatile patrol or solitary laborer protection.
  • We can mastermind private, quick and secure messenger services
  • Our services offer propelled security and locksmiths with all day, everyday accessibility

Your keys are cared for as per industry keyholding services standard BS 7984

  • A professional response to all your interloper alarm initiations by means of our local team of quick response units
  • The co-appointment of police attendance and other fix contractors as required
  • We can orchestrate manned guarding in the event of a genuine episode
  • You get a report of all actions taken
  • Your site is secured before we leave
  • Preventative signage can be shown on your property

Life’s hiccups are never arranged and keeping in mind that a significant number of setbacks can be effectively fixed, others can cause critical results. For instance leaving a heated gadget on could cause genuine damage or, a fire. Keyholding services are the best and most effective answer for emergency situations during which you can’t return home.

SECURE RECRUIT LTD Keyholding service furnishes you with the peace of mind you need when you are away from your property. Regardless of whether its alarm initiation or an arranged routine visit, our highly-trained team will go to the premises and guarantee that everything’s all together. We are on call and you can contact us 24 hours every day, 365 days a year.

SECURE RECRUIT LTD wipes out the numerous security risks which can without much of a stretch be disregarded by individuals who are not professionals inside this kind of industry. We like to get things done by the book and decline to take any shortcuts with regards to giving a protection service to you and your organization; we do the stressing so you don’t need to. From our Key Holding Service London, to our Mobile Patrol Service, the vast range of security solutions we can offer you make us your one-stop search for all your security and safeguarding needs.

If you are interested in finding and making a superbly tailored security for your organization or premises, call us where a colleague will be glad to offer you security solutions tailored to your needs.