SECURE RECRUIT LTD is one of the most prevalent security businesses in the UK, having expertise in providing professional security dog handling services to clients from a wide scope of public and private sectors

We are an elite and exclusive organization giving a first-class service to our clients. We pride ourselves on utilizing the best security dog handling teams, controlling the best-trained guard dogs and patrol dogs. Most of our security do handlers undergo broad training before they are permitted to take a shot at the site with security guard dogs. Our Dog handlers are NASDU qualified or equivalent, insured and hold SIA licenses.

Our clients predominantly use our security dog handler services in situations where an enormous territory of land should be patrolled, and the full perimeter of the site should be checked. These territories can include:

Security Dog Handling Services

Corporate offices: Where issues can’t be settled exclusively by a static guard
Unoccupied land: Where gatecrashers may have taken inhabitance
High-crime regions: Where the additional risk of a security dog is required
Drug discovery: Where master dog faculties and handler experience is required
Large locales: Where the full perimeter should be covered

Why We Are the Best dog handlers?

Security dog handling can give a visual obstacle to your site and handle the issues encompassing proactively shielding destinations from damage, vandalism or burglary. The security dog has a major influence of alarming his/her handler to a gatecrasher, who in return finishes the necessary methodology to manage the interloper. Our dog handlers will likewise maintain thorough access control for your site to guarantee no unauthorized individuals will get into your site. All entrances must be pre-authorized.

Security dog handling services settle money related and operational issues of instructing a team of security guards to patrol your site. A security dog handler and dog can offer a functioning answer for your issues by patrolling the zone by foot and keeping alert for irregularities in the region and any security concerns.

Why Choose SECURE RECRUIT LTD for security dog handling?

We have a rundown of fulfilled clients in London, Birmingham, Midlands, Yorkshire who trust SECURE RECRUIT LTD to ensure their premises to furnish them with peace of mind.

All of our staff are fully trained and insured.

24/7 service Available We are dedicated to giving a high-quality service.
Professional and considerate staff.
Available to prevent nearby vandalism
Able to offer Gate House security for the passageway and leave destinations

Security Dog Handling Features:

Shows verification of attendance at the site (Sign in and sign out logs)
Shows proof of patrols through NFC known as Near Field Communication labels installed around the site (little round stickers which could be connected circumspectly to ‘problem areas’ or high-hazard territories that you need minded on each patrol)
Takes and sends photographic proof
Sends occurrence reports instantly
Allows the control space to watch that the guards hourly patrol and check focuses have been finished through an online entry
Resolves private specialist issues
Raises a programmed alert in the control space for missed patrols and solitary labourer protection
The two services joined sends a compelling message to offenders and trespassers that your site can not be gotten to or tampered with without being gotten dog and handler or the police.

Call us or email us to talk about your requirement further. Our record managers can help you in furnishing you with a competitive quotation for your security dog handler needs. We can offer you our services for events, short-term or on a long haul premise until your issues are settled.

Single or Multi-Premise

From single site security to multi-store, multi-location business solutions Secure Recruit can give you dedicated security guard teams to fit your business requirements.