SECURE RECRUIT LTD offers specialist security guards in London and wider areas we work with organizations in all enterprises. All our security staff SIA licensed and trained to ensure all parts of your business without causing disruption or interference. The security team can work in co-activity with your company to tailor the manner in which they work to your needs and preferences. Theft, trespassing, criminal damage, and lessening the potential for assault are genuine risks which security guarding company’s must address; we assist you to illuminate these issues. Our security guards are focused on making our client’s business environment as secure as could reasonably be expected, enabling you to build up your business with no concerns over the potential security risks that you may face.

The professional standard that is maintained by this organisation stands as a benchmark for our competition. We are reputed to have the highest standards when recruiting and even our finest recruits will attest that they have found the process difficult to say the least. We ensure that each of the staff that we employ is not only skilled at their particular job but that they present the ability to adapt to the situation and meet every requirement that is placed before them. They are recruited from extremely refined sources that have the most demanding and accurate training routines to ensure that each of them is excellent at their job

Secure Recruit Ltd believes that the security of a client is the foremost consideration for our staff. We always take pride in to giving you people who place great value upon the task that is set before them. Diligence and integrity are not just words to these individuals. They are the foundations of a core belief system that is at the heart of our company.
With numerous security staffing solution companies available in the stream, each claiming itself as the best, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for the clients to choose the right partner that can further take their responsibility as its own. We are not claiming to be the biggest nor the best, but the level of detailing and the extent of professionalism we have here is certainly hard to get anywhere else.

Security Guard Services

SECURE RECRUIT LTD is offering a number of best security guarding services to our customers. Some of the services that you can get from us are listed below. Have a look.

Real-Time Patrol Monitoring

Our cutting edge security guards London system programming enables us to give ongoing monitoring of security staff and your premises while staying up with the latest with patrol routes and giving a fast response in case of an incident.

Security Risk Assessments

SECURE RECRUIT LTD will complete a full free hazard assessment of your site before beginning work. This guarantees we recognize all the security risks, best patrol routes where essential and could reduce the hazard to your business assets.

Short and Long Term Contracts

From momentary site spread to on-going security guard contracts at SECURE RECRUIT LTD, we can give you tailored security solutions that meet your business needs.

Single or Multi-Premise

From single site security to multi-store, multi-location business solutions Secure Recruit can give you dedicated security guard teams to fit your business requirements.

Static Security and Mobile Patrols

SECURE RECRUIT LTD offer full manned security services and security patrols for a wide range of commercial and private premises including construction sites, retail, the hospitality sector, and domestic properties.

Uniformed Licensed Security Guards

All our security guarding staff are fully trained and licensed to guarantee we meet quality standards of the business. All our staff are provided with uniforms to aid recognizability and visual deterrence giving a professional and clean image of your business.

At SECURE RECRUIT LTD, we offer manned guarding contracts across the UK and deploy insured, licensed and exceptionally trained security officers on single or multiple destinations for an assorted scope of market sectors and clients.

  • National coverage;
  • SIA licensed, trained and vetted security officers;
  • Market driving representative advantages package;
  • Comprehensive training;
  • Consultative service package;
  • Responsive management support;
  • Detailed and extensive pre and post mobilization plans.

With our partners and expansive scope of clients and industry experience, we can manage pretty much every circumstance that may arise in a manner that is both fast and effective. Perhaps the greatest quality is giving a tweaked security service that is explicit to your business and incentive for cash. SECURE RECRUIT LTD will play out an in-depth security analysis of your property or your business paying extraordinary attention to in danger zones and particular concerns you may have. We will separately tailor our services to give you maximum levels of security at competitive costs. Hire our Security Guards and be carefree.

SECURE RECRUIT LTD is a customer-centered company that is prestigious for crime prevention which has demonstrated to be savvy to our clients. We are proactive in working in coordination with the Police. We utilize the most recent cutting edge innovation to screen our guard’s patrols and every single related action nationwide. Utilizing a continuous guard tour patrol system, this product causes us to apportion, oversee and control each guard patrol course at the time and solicitation an alternate course for the following patrol.

In case you have a question or might want more information about what security guard London administrations we offer, essentially give us a call.

We are a solid and dependable company who offer security administrations for some local London businesses just as multi-million-pound international organizations. To organize your free no-obligation survey, quote, or to orchestrate emergency security covers please get in touch with us to Hire Security Guards.