Why Us – Secure Recruit LTD

Why Us – Secure Recruit LTD

Your security is our cause!

Imagine having your business without the stress and hassle of worrying about the running of it. Let’s help you minus the stress. Secure Recruit are here to support you and your business to ensure your small or big establishment, is protected. Our security team can guarantee you protection, and satisfaction, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Leave the worrying to Secure Recruit. It’s what we do.

Why Secure Recruit?

Our team are experienced in dealing with different security issues and situations, ensuring you and your business don’t have to deal with the stress of attempted thefts, or criminals, that will cause nothing but havoc for you.  Ultimately, this means we are suitably placed to offer you and your business a reliable security service. Secure Recruit deal with various environments. Retail security is one of the many environments we support you in. Retail security is highly popular, and so are the criminal damages and causes. Let us help you keep your business running, with quick eyes, capturing what you need, fast.

We are reliable, and cost effective

The importance of offering cost-effective security services is often understated. It has never been more important to have security services in place, but many businesses are not willing to pay a fortune for them. That’s why we keep our security services affordable for everyone, so nobody has to sacrifice the security of their business. Secure Recruit are here to help. We want you feeling satisfied knowing your business is being watched, to ensure the smooth running. We understand the importance of a business, and it’s our passion to bring you a good service, for a brilliant price!

Let us keep it short, and quick:

Retail businesses inevitably experience theft. Depending on the type of business, the risk of theft could vary depending on product type. For instance, jewellery or technology stores may face a higher risk of shoplifting because their inventory is more expensive. However, implementing a security solution tailored to meet your business’ needs, can benefit significantly with loss prevention. Here at Secure Recruit, we don’t see the value of your possessions, but instead, the passion of you running your business.



The mere presence of a security guards and systems often deters theft. If a potential thief sees security guards, cameras or signs warning they are being watched, they’ll be less likely to attempt to shoplift. With a security guards and systems in place, it becomes obvious that the retail store is taking loss prevention seriously and become a less likely target for thieves. So, let’s help you sort that. With our experienced guards, we guarantee you a smooth running, of the day to day running of your business.



Because the obvious presence of a security system deters theft, business owners will have peace of mind knowing that the likelihood of shoplifting is low. As such, managers and owners can fully dedicate their attention to other aspects of the business, not having to worry about retaining their inventory. But let’s imagine, having security guards. Quick, and secure. You don’t need to worry if your camera footage has captured it. Because our team are reliable and trained, they have you covered fully!


Points to keep in mind:


A lack of retail security could single your shop out as vulnerable:

Criminals looking to steal from shops look for businesses that have less security, to make it as easy as possible for them to take goods without being caught. A professional retail security guard could make your shop less of a target.

Retail security could improve your customer service:

Good security guards are also trained in customer service. A security guard is potentially the first person a customer will see when they arrive at your shop. They may ask them for help or directions. Retail security guards should represent your brand well by interacting with and helping customers.

Professional retail security guards understand the law:

There are certain protocols that must be followed to ensure that any shoplifter is dealt with legally. Good retail security guards will have extensive knowledge of these protocols and any legal requirements of retail security, so that you can be sure if you do catch someone trying to steal from your shop, the law will be followed and business can carry on as normal with minimal disruption.

That’s why Secure Recruit are the best! We provide all this and much more because we understand how important it is to protect your business and possessions!


Your questions answered:


COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

COVID 19, also known as the Coronavirus. It’s scary. But let’s keep that as our worry. It’s obvious that retail and other providers are worried about their popular goods at this time. The arguments at stores, the physical and verbal abuse, is beyond what you and your business want to be dealing with. COVID 19 is a huge concern, a global and worldwide crisis. Let’s keep it simple, secure and settled for you.


Is secure recruit still operating?

Our team have you covered. That’s both secure for you, and us! Our team are geared up, ready to protect your business. Because we understand that no matter what the situation, your business is important and critical. So Secure Recruit are still operating, ensuring you a quick and reliable service at this shocking time. The pandemic is beyond what many could be dealing with. It’s beyond important that our team protect your business, being small or big!


Are Secure Recruit protecting their team?

Yes! Just as important protecting your business is. Secure Recruit team are the cause! We are thankful and extremely grateful towards are team, and ensuring their safety and health is our passion! We guarantee that our team are protected physically. With top quality PPE (Person Protected Equipment), to keep them safe, but along with keeping your customers, and team safe. We understand what a scary time this is for everyone. But let us take care of your security!



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