About Us/ Introduction

Secure Recruit Ltd is a Security and facility management firm based in London. Our security department is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing our clients with top-notch and impeccable security services. At Secure Recruit Ltd, we deliver the following security service:

Security Guarding Service

We have SIA-licensed guards that provide manned guarding services for your premises.

Door Supervision

Our door supervision service allows us to help develop and control access to your premises. Our staff are trained to ensure that only the permitted individuals can access your premises

Retail Security

Our retail security service enables us to partner with you in protecting businesses such as supermarkets and malls from security threats.

Corporate Security

Our corporate security is structured to provide security services to offices, schools, hospitals, factories, and other large organizations.

CCTV Monitoring Service

Our CCTV monitoring service enables us to watch your premises 24/7 and respond to security threats promptly.

Event Security

We are experienced in providing security for events such as concerts and music festivals.

Security Dog Handling

Our service provides security dogs handlers. Our dogs and handlers are SIA licensed and are all NASDU certified.

Key Holding And Response Service

Secure Recruit key holding services enables us to secure access to your facilities in an emergency. We are always on the lookout and ready respond in case of emergencies.

Secure Recruit is also proficient in the provision of facility management services. The services include the following;

Caretaker Services

Our caretaker services are structured to ensure that your property remains in good shape. We facilitate timely repair and maintenance work on our client's behalf.

Cleaning Services

Secure recruit provides cleaning services for corporate and residential covering areas such as washrooms, offices, and other cleaning services.

Key Holding And Alarm Response Services

We secure your facility by managing keys on your behalf. We can also supervise latenight deliveries for our clients.

Receptionist Services

Our company believes that receptionists play a vital role in branding a business, which is why we strive to provide you with the best receptionist services in the UK.

Concierge Services

Secure Recruit is also happy to help people perform their daily responsibilities. Our concierge services enable corporate and individuals to focus on other things as we plan 4 their daily activities. Our services cover transport booking, personal assistance, and meeting planning.

At Secure Recruit, our staff meets world-class standards by training them and undergoing the required certification process. Our company uses up-to-date technology to ensure they provide flawless service. We aim to serve you with a unique, quality, and excellent approach.