Walking watch Service

In property management, fire is a crucial factor that worries property owners. Thus, at Secure Recruit, we have innovated a solution for our clients by creating a walking watch service to relieve their worries. Our trained and certified fire marshal’s can patrol your premises, looking for a potential fire to break out, allowing stakeholders to act precisely, and avoiding fire losses. Our staff is trained to patrol interior and exterior perimeters of residential or commercial premises, ensuring that the occupant is protected from fire accidents. We provide our services to warehouses, factories, schools, and laboratories, among other places. Our walking watch staff is trained to provide timely warning in case of a fire or potential fire to facilitate the safe evacuation of at-risk areas. At Secure Recruit, we work following National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) to ensure the protocols are followed in fire events. We partner with property owners such as landlords, building owners, and managers to develop fire safety approaches that help address concerns in areas where extra care is needed.

Secure Recruit receives regular updates on legislation governing firefighting measures, allowing us to provide our clients with top-notch fire protection to property and people efficiently. Our staff uses the latest NFC tag technological support to ensure a comprehensive patrol of property, which includes checking all the areas that are at risk of causing a fire. Our professionalism ensures the highest level of fire prevention measures. Our fire marshals are supported by 24/7 control room staff and local fire departments that respond quickly in case of reported fire incidents. As such, working with Secure Recruit facilitates mitigation of fire threat and help you avoid loss of property due to fires.