Key Holding and Alarm Response

Secure Recruit Ltd also offers vital key holding and alarm response for a client as a facility management agency. A critical holding service safeguards a set of keys that allows access to your property. In facility management, Secure Recruit can be responsible for storing keys for institutions and businesses. Our company can ensure that all your doors are locked during business closing hours and keep the keys safe. We can also make a routine visit to our client's premises during out-of-operation hours and oversee delivery activities for our clients, securing the property after delivery. Our company manages the key holding and alarm response service by following BS 7984 guidelines, ensuring the service is delivered professionally. All our clients' keys are given ID to ensure efficiency in responding to emergencies. Our company holds Indemnity insurance for the keys stored under our watch by clients.

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Secure Recruit also offers an alarm response service that enables our security team to respond to security threats at any time of the day or night on your behalf. We believe that all properties need to be kept safe; that is why we respond as the first party at our company. Our company can respond to security threats professionally for you. Our clients' worries are mitigated knowing that our SIA-licensed staff will respond to alarms timely and inform other stakeholders such as the police in case of identified threats. As such, appointing Secure Recruit as a Key holder and alarm response partner will ensure that your premises are covered 24/7, 365, which gives you a humble time to ensure productivity in your company. Our ultra-modern technology enables us to employ different strategies to ensure that we offer you extraordinary key holding and alarm response services.