Secure Recruit Ltd stands as an organization that delivers manpower to organizations that have a need for quality security personnel. However we find ourselves in the humbling position of being a facilitator of some of the most lasting bonds formed between employees and employers.

The professional standard that is maintained by this organisation stands as a benchmark for our competition. We are reputed to have the highest standards when recruiting and even our finest recruits will attest that they have found the process difficult to say the least. We ensure that each of the staff that we employ is not only skilled at their particular job but that they present the ability to adapt to the situation and meet every requirement that is placed before them. They are recruited from extremely refined sources that have the most demanding and accurate training routines to ensure that each of them is excellent at their job

Secure Recruit Ltd believes that the security of a client is the foremost consideration for our staff. We always take pride in to giving you people who place great value upon the task that is set before them. Diligence and integrity are not just words to these individuals. They are the foundations of a core belief system that is at the heart of our company.
With numerous security staffing solution companies available in the stream, each claiming itself as the best, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for the clients to choose the right partner that can further take their responsibility as its own. We are not claiming to be the biggest nor the best, but the level of detailing and the extent of professionalism we have here is certainly hard to get anywhere else.


Professional Security Services

Our security guards have a tough job to do on shift hours and it can be long and draining. We ensure regular breaks and consider shift times as to not bring them to a point where they must compromise with their attentiveness and process adherence. Our next level solutions include the modern-day trends and policies that work for the welfare and benefit of our employees, like shift rotations, emergency reliefs, and other perquisites that further encourage our security team to perform at their best while on duty.

Defined Security & FM Levels

Whenever we talk about security or FM services, whether for corporate office, event, retail or similar, hierarchy formation serves as important in providing a perfect level of grip on the overall structure. With our security guards & FM staff, we provide supervisors and site managers to perfectly examine security & FM service flaws and risks that may arise.

Best People on Board

Working with and having the best team of recruiters on board that holds the right eye and extensive experience in picking up the cream of the crop, we spread our confidence with a hub of highly skilled and gracefully mannered guards. Whether it’s our security guards, door supervisors, corporate security, event security or our CPO’s, we make sure to allocate the right person at the right place.

Affordable Services

At Secure Recruit Ltd, we don’t believe in filling bills with unavailing clauses, transparency is our foremost motto and each of our activity reflects that smoothly. While quality often comes with a higher price value, we assume client satisfaction serves above-all owing our utmost respect for it, we attempt to settle the best competitive rates exclusively to fit your business needs. We understand each business operates on a different budget and requires a different level of security, facilitiy managment or cleaning solutions for its operations, therefore, we stand always ready to tailor our services as per your needs.


Our vision is to render еffісіеntly affordable security & facility ѕеrvісе ѕоlutіоnѕ to our сlіеntѕ which can further enable them to lift their focus seamlessly on business operations and functions. To achieve thіѕ, we асtіvеlу ріоnееr developments in our services to cater varied needs of security & FM ѕоlutіоnѕ and staffing. With our constant efforts, we leverage dіvеrѕе experiences of our people to соnѕtаntlу ѕurраѕѕ our сlіеntѕ’ еxресtаtіоnѕ and desire to execute it as our ever-going approach.


Our mission is to build mutually beneficial and profitable partnership with all our clients by providing them a range of innovative security & facility solutions, we aim to design our services to enable our clients to succeed in hostile business environments, that too with minimum distraction to operations and profitability Our сlіеntele іѕ thе essence of our activities. And, in mееtіng thеіr nееdѕ, we continually ореrаtе wіth thе highest еthісаl standards while mаіntаіning ѕtrісt соnfіdеntіаlіtу when needed.