Receptionist services

At Secure Recruit Ltd, we provide our clients with receptionist services. We offer all industries the best bespoke personnel. Our staff provides businesses with creative and innovative minds while handling front of house services. At Secure Recruit, we employ the best industry talent with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to handle different duties in business and other areas that need receptionist services. Our staff focuses on creating an unforgettable first impression for consumers in our clients' businesses. They are trained to handle and customise the needs of every guest, thus, handling consumers with a presentable approach. Secure Recruit aims to establish an environment where consumers can open dialogue with staff members, enabling businesses to identify and serve their clients in an appealing and impressive approach. Our specialist reception staff's objective is to provide excellent services in the industry, leaving our clients happy. We also aim to add value to our client's business by creating an unforgettable experience for their guests. At Secure Recruit, we acknowledge the use of modern technology in ensuring that we deliver flawless customer services. We believe our service should give leeway to great space for our guests, allowing them to enjoy and relax while we provide all they need in a timely approach. Secure Recruit staff knows the impact of their role on a business. That is why we strive to create a positive portfolio for the companies we serve, allowing them to create a pool of loyal customers due to delivering the required quality and quantity of service consumers need.

Secure Recruit’s receptionist service complies with the ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised guideline that governs the service delivered to clients, ensuring that the service meets their needs through a quality management system. Compliance with ISO 9001 shows Secure Recruit’s Commitment to providing quality and consistent service to our clients. The primary focus of Secure Recruit is to ensure that people are experiencing a quality life where we meet their expectations. At Secure recruit, we work with award-winning stakeholders to ensure that our staff continues to acquire practical training that helps us serve you better. Our culture at Secure Recruit drives the mind toward teamwork, leadership, and resilience. Our professionalism portrays our staff's ability to communicate with consumers with an efficient and vivid approach. At Secure Recruit, we value the communication skills of our team. We ensure that we deploy proficient staff members at our clients' businesses or premises, allowing the delivery of the service that they deserve. Our reception service is one of the leading services in London and other areas in the UK. Our clients include financial service firms, multi-tenanted buildings, law firms, creative agencies, hotels, recreational parks, government agencies, and camps. In the contemporary competitive world providing your business with a chance to establish a renowned brand through linking and leaving a positive impact on guests. Our company is constantly researching how to improve customer service; thus, our clients are worriless knowing that we are taking care of their businesses. We also propose reception area designs for our clients, ensuring that their guests fall in love with the environment they encounter.

Our staff is trained to perform front desk duties where they spend most of their time serving the visitors. They also welcome the guest and direct them appropriately for the services they need. Our staff provides customer service by replying to emails and answering phone calls in a timely approach. Additionally, they can help a business sort emails and direct them to concerned departments in an organisation. Our staff can redirect phone calls to the different departments in an organisation. Other staff duties include maintaining the reception area's cleanliness and organisation while helping the business to order any supplies they need. Secure Recruit has equipped its staff with security training, enabling them to identify security threats and communicate with security personnel to ensure a safe environment for the guests visiting the premises. Our receptionist staff manages the calendar and schedules events for a business creating convenience for the clients and their customers. At Secure Recruit, our receptionist service collaborates with other departments in a company to ensure that we develop solutions for administrative challenges. Our staff is equipped with the relevant educational background to support reception duties. Their practical skills such as the operation of printers, photocopy machines, and other office equipment, make them fit for the industry's receptionist role. They also have managerial, organisational, multitasking, and customer service skills. As such, choosing Secure Recruit’s receptionist service will see your business grows to a remarkable height since we offer a comprehensive package when it comes to reception service creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.